General overview

Estonian Ports Association gathers all active commercial ports in Estonia. Besides those, there are also smaller ports like Lehtma, Mõntu and Loksa ports, which definitely give their contribution to encourage and develope Estonian ports enterprise. Smaller ports also participate in all ports related discussions and proceedings.

There might emerge misleading understanding, that competition for trade volumes does not conduce to constructive cooperation between ports enterprisers. Still, that is not, how Estonian Ports Association builds it’s philosophy.

Developing plan

The international political situation is unstable. European and Russian political confrontation has deepened. There are various economic blockades and sanctions in exacerbating economic development, and that is especially present in international traffic, which is undoubtedly part of the Estonian ports.

At the same time, the Estonian Ports Association is created for the purpose among other things, to be their best will and constructive initiative in the country, and related business organisations to share. Ports Association considers it necessary to develop cooperation not only between businesses but to all active ports Estonian logistics cluster companies.

In 2015 joint operations achieved some good results. Official Development Plan establishes the main objectives the promotion of cooperation with public authorities and business organisations.

Mission and vision


Estonian Ports Association mission is to promote and encourage Estonian maritime organisation from one border to another and to keep Estonian sea.


Estonian Ports Association vision is to be open minded and reliable non-profitmaking organisation, which encourages cooperation between Estonian ports, and that way keeps maritime culture and maritime politics on respectable level.

Estonian Ports Association

Organisation: MTÜ Eesti Sadamate Liit

Registration number: 80002220

Address: Sadama 25, Tallinn 15051

President: Viktor Palmet

Phone nr: +372 512 8188


Web site:

The board:

Margus Vähi – chair of the board
Valdo Kalm – board member
Daimar Truija – board member
Oliver Einmann – board member
Viktor Palmet – board member