Minister Parts: Estonia is on an innovative route to electromobility

Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia Juhan Parts stated that the sale of available AAU emission units and the subsequent founding of recharging infrastructure for electric cars is a bold an innovative step.

“This project aims at the future, which will prove if and when electric cars shall reach wide use by the public. In any case, multiplying the number of electric vehicles in Estonia and making energy use more efficient is a good start,” said the Minister.

The preparations at the Ministry of economic Affairs and Communications for developing a policy favouring the introduction of electric vehicles has been on the way since the second half of 2009. This process has taken careful account of the policymaking and technological advances in other countries around the world.

The European Union set a clear direction in the field of efficient modes of transport for the electric and hybrid-driven vehicles. Estonia has taken the obligation to reach a level of 10% in the use of renewable sources of energy in transport sector by 2020. Enterprise Estonia has been supporting the creation of an electromobility cluster through its programmes.

The Estonian government decided today that the proceeds from the sale of 10 million AAU emission units to the Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation will be used to buy 500 electric cars. The remainder will be used to create a nationwide network of rapid recharge points and incentives aimed for private persons.