In 2011, picked up a number of legislative and national action plans relating to major projects which actively participates in EU ports. In 2012, surpassed in new long-term national transportation development plan preparation, one goal of which is the European Union support funds for Estonia’s transport system, including the maritime sector. In the past year the port as a result of the activities of the Parliament and the National Audit Office started towards the Ministry and the Maritime Administration to pay greater attention to the Parliament and the Ministry of Finance for ice-breaking development execution capabilities. Ports Union should be in 2012 with its main interests in the outdoors to be active.

Legislation in the field in 2012 is planned to change the Ports Act. The proposed amendments are limited at the moment, but the members have the opportunity to submit proposals, which they deem necessary for the law to change the port. Practical work is certainly generated.

Ministry of the Environment is the top two draft Regulation. One of the concerns of pollution abatement measures and procedures for each Ballast Water Management. Ports Association is engaged in the Ministry of Environment to draft their; in existing tendencies under control, but the year 2012 is likely to become a breakthrough on these issues.

We are a multi-ministry working group members, we have the representation of the Transit Commission, and the Maritime Employers’ Confederation of the Council, we Professions transportation and logistics professional board member and member of the Advisory Body of the Maritime Academy.

Estonian Ports Association is created for the purpose, among other things, to its current representation in the various organizations to try to change the short and long term, the port sector is stronger.

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