Stressed the need for cooperation with other organizations in the work plan for 2012. Ports Association was elected to the council of Estonian Employers Confederation. ETK board of directors and the council will develop a new strategy for action, which also harbors Union sent several proposals.

EU Baltic Sea ports became Ports Organisation (BPO) full member. Klaipeda signals on the conference will also prepare its proposals relating to the efficient work of HELCOM and contribute towards the development of maritime transport tariff and price policy.

Cooperation in Logistics and Transiidiassotsiatsiooniga (LTA) has become active due to binding to similar concerns.

Ports Association is a member of the Advisory Body of the Maritime Academy. Maritime academy or an independent continuation of the accession of Tallinn University of Technology is terevalt agenda. Ports Association participates in the process of their proposals. The question will probably not later than 2013. In particular settlement December, which should be signed and Emera TTU merger agreement. TTU for the merger acceptable, but largely conditional and depends on the state budget allocations for 2014.

Ports Association of Professional Auditors of transport logistics professions, and recently elected member of the Council of transport engineers professional standards, a member of the Preparatory Commission.


Port Union members have a number of needs, which are needed to address the changes in the current legislation. The Union has prepared its proposals and MoS Port Act. Themes relating to ice-breaking procedures, spill response plans for special use of water and other. Ports Association has made a proposal to the Ministry a specific procedure for amending the Law on turn Maritime Policy Implementation Plan.

National laevandustasude changes MoS through a very conflictual issue, but the Association of Logistics and Ports Association joint action on this issue goes. Union members will receive prompt information on the results or future plans will be announced.

The Ministry of Environment proceed Ports Association prepared by the text of the draft regulation, concerning the pollution abatement plan and technique. Who is ME Legal Department reviewed the draft and made this just a minor editorial amendments. But consider, however, that the draft placed kooskõlastamisringile and this phase needs to be done.

Triggered by an electronic registry of the port, prepared for promoting the development of cargo shipping and real legal acts for new structures (the international ship registry in parallel). It is necessary to continue work on the development and modernization needs ice breaking ice-breaking occasion.


Joint activities are necessary and effective for the current business plan. Given the well-established practice, the organization of events twice a year in spring and autumn, practical and feasible. At other times, probably unrealistic. Innovative, would be for the joint organization of the event delegate to the members. Designate a specific operator, the time and the port business-related topics.

This plan is not final, because a lot of questions that need to be developed, emerging and ongoing operatively. Experience shows that the Union has to react quickly and actively.

Viktor Palmet
Managing Director

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