Ports Association of the Employers’ Confederation (ETHK) member. Representatives of a number of our members are also members of the council ETK. ETC Board and the City Council worked out a new operational strategy and the manifesto, which also harbors Union has made a number of suggestions.

It has ports in the Baltic Sea Ports Organisation (BPO) full member. We have also prepared their proposals to the Conference on Bornholm signals regarding effective work of HELCOM and contribute towards the development of maritime transport tariff and price policy. Estonia is the HELCOM presidency. In this field we also cooperate with the Ministry of Environment.

Cooperation in Logistics and Transiidiassotsiatsiooniga (LTA) has become active due to binding to similar concerns.
Ports Association is a member of the Advisory Body of the Maritime Academy. Maritime Academy is now the Tallinn University College. Ports Association participates in the following years in the development process of their proposals
Ports Association of Professional Auditors of transport logistics professions, and recently elected member of the Council of transport engineers professional standards, a member of the Preparatory Commission.


Port Union members have many needs, which is dependent on the satisfaction of expediently prepared legislation. Ports Association in recent years has proven to be a good partner to various state agencies and the EU in the legislative process has become accepted practice.


Joint activities are necessary and effective for the current business plan. Given the well-established practice, the organization of events twice a year in spring and autumn, practical and feasible. At other times, probably unrealistic. This, too, is a novelty, a joint organization of the event as a delegate to the members. Determine the specific operator, the time and the port business-related topics.

This plan is not final, because a lot of questions that need to be developed, emerging and ongoing operatively. Experience shows that the Union has to react quickly and actively.

Viktor Palmet
Managing Director

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